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Kay Firth-Butterfield
World Economic Forum

How to Navigate the Ethical AI Landscape

Meet Kay Firth-Butterfield, a trailblazer in AI leadership and ethics. At the helm of AI at the World Economic Forum, Kay's a seasoned Barrister and tech visionary dedicated to shaping AI for the good of humanity. She's not just a thinker; she's a doer - founding AI Global, advising global leaders, and driving ethical AI practices worldwide. Recognized as a top woman in AI, Kay's insights are shaping the future of technology and leadership. Get ready to be inspired by her unique blend of legal expertise, ethical commitment, and tech savvy! She has been celebrated by the New York Times as one of 10 women for changing the landscape of leadership.

Kay Firth-Butterfield

Bill Schaninger

Bill Schaninger
Co-author, Power to the Middle: Why Managers Hold the Keys to the Future of Work

How to Elevate Middle Management

Meet Bill Schaninger, a mastermind in transforming organizational culture and leadership. His insights don't just guide CEOs and government leaders; they redefine their approach to achieving business excellence. A McKinsey veteran since 2000, Bill excels in spearheading large-scale changes across the globe. His expertise? Strategic HR and creating dynamic workforce environments. He's also the co-author of 'Power to the Middle: Why Managers Hold the Keys to the Future of Work', making him the expert on leveraging managerial talent in today's evolving workplace.

Kate Darling
research scientist at MIT and the author of The New Breed

How to Master the New Breed (Robots)

Say hello to Dr. Kate Darling, the go-to guru in Robot Ethics. At MIT's Media Lab, she’s not just studying robots; she's unraveling the complex emotional bonds between humans and machines. Kate's work isn't just academic – it's about shaping our future with robots, influencing everything from tech design to policy. With a rich background in law, economics, and intellectual property, she's been at the forefront of legal and social questions in robotics. Whether it's teaching at Harvard or speaking globally, Kate's insights on our robotic companions are shaping the conversation on technology’s role in society. Plus, she’s a proud caretaker of her own robot crew!

Kate Darling

Adam Leipzig

Adam Leipzig
CEO, MediaU

How to Lead With Media

Adam Leipzig is a titan in transforming media and entertainment into profitable ventures, aligning perfectly with the strategic insights sought by today's top executives. As CEO of MediaU, he's revolutionizing media education with a focus on business fundamentals crucial for C-suite decision-making. His record at Walt Disney Studios and National Geographic Films, leading projects like 'March of the Penguins', showcases his expertise in creating content with global impact. At UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, he imparts wisdom to leaders, paralleling the executive insights offered at our summit. Adam's blend of creative innovation and business acumen makes him an invaluable voice for forward-thinking leaders.

Wendy K. Smith
Co-Author, Both/And Thinking

How to Harness The Power of 'Both/And Thinking'

Wendy K. Smith, a renowned expert in strategic paradoxes, empowers leaders to navigate complex, contradictory demands. As the Dana J. Johnson Professor of Management and director of the Women’s Leadership Initiative at the University of Delaware, Wendy combines academic rigor with practical insights. Her research, recognized globally with awards like the Web of Science Highly Cited Research Award, offers invaluable strategies for executives. Wendy's expertise, showcased in her bestselling book 'Both/And Thinking', is essential for leaders seeking to balance innovation, change, and team dynamics in today's multifaceted business environment.

Wendy K. Smith

Steve Rader

Steve Rader
CEO, Crowd Resources Consulting

How to Master Open Talent Innovation

Steve, the founder of Crowd Resources Consulting LLC and a NASA veteran, is a pioneer in harnessing crowd-based expertise for competitive innovation. At NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation, he’s revolutionizing how the government leverages crowdsourcing for breakthrough solutions. With over 34 years at NASA, including roles in mission control and command systems development, Steve brings a wealth of experience in leading-edge innovation. His expertise in open innovation and the future of work, honed over a decade, offers invaluable insights for leaders seeking to navigate the rapidly changing global economy.

Christie Ko
Executive Director, Stanford Digital Economy Lab

How to Demystify AI for the Future of Work

Christie Ko, as the Executive Director of Stanford's Digital Economy Lab, is at the forefront of shaping the digital business landscape. Collaborating with renowned experts like Professor Brynjolfsson, she drives innovative programs that are defining tomorrow's digital economy. With a strong track record at MIT in building bridges between research and industry, Christie's expertise lies in translating academic insights into real-world applications. Her strategic approach to digital transformation and her advisory roles in key educational institutions position her as a key thought leader for executives navigating the rapidly evolving digital era.

Christie Ko

R. Edward Freeman

R. Edward Freeman
Professor & Director, Institute for Business in Society, Darden School of Business

How to Become a Stakeholder Capitalist

R. Edward Freeman, a distinguished academic at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, is a pioneering thinker in business ethics and stakeholder theory. Author of the influential 'Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach', his work has reshaped modern business strategy. His recent books, including 'The Power of And', reflect his commitment to responsible, ethical business practices. Honored globally with six honorary doctorates, Edward's insights are vital for leaders striving to balance profitability with ethical considerations in today's complex business landscape.

Lucia Annunzio
CEO, Center for High Performance (CfHP)

How to Conquer C-Suite Blind Spots

Lucia Annunzio, the 'CEO-Whisperer,' is a renowned leadership coach with over 25 years of experience in elevating C-suite dynamics and organizational performance. As President and CEO of the Center for High Performance, her insights are grounded in global research on growth-accelerating factors. Lucia's thought leadership, showcased at the World Economic Forum and other prestigious venues, reflects her deep understanding of executive challenges. Author of the influential 'Contagious Success', she's a respected voice in the business community, offering transformative strategies in high-performance leadership. Her teachings at institutions like the University of Chicago Booth School of Business align perfectly with the summit's focus on actionable leadership excellence.

Susan Lucia Annunzio

Richard P. Finnegan

Richard P. Finnegan
Author, The Power of Stay Interviews

How to Cut Turnover by 20% and More

Richard Finnegan is a celebrated author and CEO, renowned for his groundbreaking work in employee engagement and retention. His book, 'The Power of Stay Interviews for Engagement and Retention', is the top-selling SHRM publication, reflecting his deep understanding of workforce dynamics. As the head of C-Suite Analytics, Richard provides solutions that have proven to drastically reduce turnover. With a global perspective from working in diverse environments like Siberian banks and the CIA, his expertise is invaluable for leaders aiming to cultivate loyalty and high performance within their teams.

Massella Dukuly
Head of Workplace Strategy & Innovation, Charter

How to Master Hybrid Leadership

Massella Dukuly, a dynamic workplace strategist and Head of Workplace Strategy & Innovation at Charter, specializes in transforming organizational cultures. With her extensive experience as a leadership trainer and an MBA background, Massella has guided over 10,000 global leaders from high-profile companies like Peloton and The New York Times. Known for her innovative approaches to creating scalable workplaces, her insights have been featured in Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, and NPR, making her an invaluable asset for leaders seeking to foster adaptable and thriving work environments.

Massella Dukuly

Lareina Yee

Lareina Yee
Co-Founder, Women in the Workplace

How to Overcome Challenges for Women Leaders

Lareina, a key figure in McKinsey's Technology, Media & Telecommunications Practice, brings over two decades of experience in shaping the tech industry's strategy. At the forefront of technological evolution, she leads McKinsey’s Technology Council, offering valuable insights into emerging technologies and their societal impact. A pioneer in diversity, Lareina co-founded Women in the Workplace and served as McKinsey's first Chief Diversity Officer. Her board roles and advisory positions in renowned institutions, combined with her extensive research on diversity and technology, make her an authoritative voice for leaders seeking to integrate inclusive innovation in their strategies.

Bryan Hancock

Bryan Hancock
Partner, McKinsey & Company

How to Unlock Generative AI for Leaders

Bryan, the global talent leader at McKinsey, specializes in aligning talent strategies with organizational goals across diverse sectors. His expertise in creating workforce-development programs and education initiatives that meet employer needs is particularly relevant for C-suite and senior leaders. His work with foundations on education and economic development, coupled with his leadership roles within McKinsey, including people analytics, offers critical insights for executives focused on harnessing talent as a key driver for business success.

Alison Malmon
Founder and Executive Director, Active Minds

How to Empower Mental Health

Alison Malmon, founder and Executive Director of Active Minds, is a trailblazer in mental health advocacy. Inspired by a personal tragedy, Alison started this initiative at the University of Pennsylvania to break the silence around mental health. Under her leadership, Active Minds has become the leading mental health organization in the U.S. for students and young adults, with a presence in over 550 educational institutions. Her journey from personal loss to creating a national movement makes her a deeply inspiring figure for leaders seeking to foster mental wellness in their organizations.

Alison Malmon

Dr. Leigh Thompson

Dr. Leigh Thompson
J. Jay Gerber Professor of Dispute Resolution & Organizations, Northwestern University

How to Negotiate the Sweet Spot

Introducing Dr. Leigh Thompson, a renowned expert in negotiation, creativity, and teamwork. As the J. Jay Gerber Distinguished Professor at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, she's dedicated to addressing the unique challenges faced by C-suite and senior leaders like you. Dr. Thompson's books, including "Negotiating the Sweet Spot" and "Creative Conspiracy," offer practical solutions to your leadership frustrations, tapping into the emotional aspects of negotiation and collaboration. She directs executive education programs tailored to senior leaders, equipping you with the skills needed to excel in your role.

Margaret Andrews
Harvard Instructor and Managing Director of The MYLO Center

How to Lead with Emotional Intelligence

Meet Margaret Andrews, a visionary leader dedicated to elevating the art of leadership. With her course, "Managing Yourself and Leading Others," at Harvard, she's reshaping the way we approach leadership.As a seasoned businesswoman, speaker, and instructor, Margaret brings over two decades of experience to her mission. She's deeply intrigued by the human aspects of business, and her extensive background in business and academia equips her to navigate the complex challenges senior leaders face.Margaret's journey began as a CPA in San Francisco, followed by roles as a marketing executive and strategy consultant. She's served as the Executive Director of the MBA Program at the MIT Sloan School of Management and as the Associate Dean for Management Programs at Harvard University.Today, Margaret continues to inspire leaders through her courses and executive programs at Harvard University. She leads The MYLO Center, a leadership development firm founded on the principles she imparts in her courses, including "Managing Yourself and Leading Others," "Leading with Emotional Intelligence," and "Creativity and Innovation."With an undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and graduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Margaret Andrews is committed to helping you unlock your leadership potential.Join us at the 2024 Future of Leadership Summit to gain insights from Margaret's expertise and take your leadership skills to the next level. Your journey to becoming a better leader starts here.

Margaret Andrews

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