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    March 7, 2024 || Online (10:00 am - 6:30 pm EST) || 4th Annual Summit

    Break Free from Ordinary:
    Master the Future of Leadership Before It's Too Late

    In a rapidly evolving landscape, every seasoned leader grapples with pivotal decisions and the looming anxiety of obsolescence. If you've sensed your influence or vision plateauing, you're far from isolated—yet stagnation is not your fate. The Future of Leadership Summit is more than a gathering; it's your conduit to a critical, timely transformation. Don't miss your opportunity to break free from conventional leadership paradigms. This is more than an invitation; it's an urgent call. Join an elite network of visionaries and industry titans committed to reshaping the future of leadership. Registrations are filling up rapidly, and you don't want to miss out on this high-impact experience. If optimizing leadership effectiveness is a priority, then delaying is not an option. The clock is ticking. Will you seize this moment?

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    Kay Firth-Butterfield
    World Economic Forum

    Navigating the AI Storm: Your Guiding Light Through Uncharted Waters

    In a world consumed by the relentless tide of Artificial Intelligence, countless leaders are being swept away, lost and paralyzed by uncertainty. But this is not a call to them. It's a call to YOU.Kay Firth-Butterfield is Executive Director of the Centre for Trustworthy Technology, a World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. She is the former Head of Artificial Intelligence at the World Economic Forum and is one of the foremost experts in the world on the governance of AI. She has been celebrated by the New York Times as one of 10 women for changing the landscape of leadership. Now, she is extending an exclusive invitation.Her expertise, vast and profound, isn't shared with everyone. But she will share her unique insights into harnessing the power of AI, transforming uncertainty into dynamic and responsive leadership, with YOU.It's a unique opportunity to redefine your AI approach, guided by a world-renowned expert. It's an invitation to the brave, to those who challenge, to those who lead. But most of all, it's an invitation to YOU.The question now lingers: will you navigate the AI storm or be swept away by it?

    Kay Firth-Butterfield

    Bill Schaninger

    Bill Schaninger
    Co-author, Power to the Middle: Why Managers Hold the Keys to the Future of Work

    The Crisis in Your Midst: How to Unlock the Power of the Middle Managers Before It's Too Late

    Are you disturbed by invisible barriers choking innovation and collaboration within your organization? Do missed opportunities and unrealized potential haunt your nights, threatening not only your success but your very legacy? This isn't a mere obstacle; it's a looming crisis, a hidden trap ready to snap shut.Your overlooked, neglected middle managers may be the key, but they're frozen, trapped in a state that binds them—and you—to stagnation. It's a crisis demanding urgent action, a threat that could become a catastrophe if left unaddressed.Enter Bill Schaninger, a visionary in organizational excellence with a proven track record of unlocking latent potential. As a trusted guide and master of transformation, Bill will lead you step by step at the Future of Leadership Summit. He'll provide clear and actionable guidance, not just to navigate this perilous terrain but to transform this crisis into an opportunity for rebirth.But time is a relentless foe, and the window of opportunity is closing fast. The future waits for no one, and neither can you. Will you take decisive action before it's too late, or will you watch as opportunities slip through your fingers?

    Kate Darling
    research scientist at MIT and the author of The New Breed

    The New Breed: Mastering Human-Robot Relationships Before the Tides of Change Overwhelm You

    Are you losing sleep over the relentless march of robots and AI, the very forces transforming human interaction and threatening your leadership legacy? Your fears are not merely justified; they're a call to immediate action.Meet Dr. Kate Darling, an illustrious authority in Robot Ethics and a trailblazing Research Scientist at MIT Media Lab. With her pioneering work shaping the ethics of human-robot interaction, she is more than equipped to guide you through this confusing terrain.Join her at the Future of Leadership Summit for a career-altering session, "The New Breed: Mastering Human-Robot Relationships Before the Tides of Change Overwhelm You." This is no academic debate; it's an urgent exploration of the complex emotional bonds being formed between humans and lifelike machines.Kate's cutting-edge insights will thrust you into the heart of this seismic shift, not only equipping you to navigate this uncharted territory but empowering you to turn these sweeping changes into a competitive edge.But don't delay; the tide of change is surging, relentless and unforgiving. Will you be a pioneer, forging a new path, or a bystander, washed away in the digital revolution?

    Kate Darling

    Adam Leipzig

    Adam Leipzig
    CEO, MediaU

    Media Mirage: Breaking Through the Confusion to Lead with Clarity and Influence

    Do you feel trapped, entangled in the web of today's media landscape, unable to break free? Is the confusion turning your vision to haze, causing your message to get lost in the noise, your leadership voice drowned out by a cacophony of channels, platforms, and technologies? It's not just frustration; it's a suffocating fear, a growing anxiety that with every missed opportunity, your influence is slipping away, your legacy eroding.Adam Leipzig, the media maven who's shaped giants like Google and Apple, understands this agony. With accolades including 10 Academy Awards nominations and 4 Sundance Awards, Adam's mastery transcends success. He's the CEO of MediaU, a former Senior Executive at Walt Disney Studios, and now, your personal guide to conquering the chaos.Join him at the Future of Leadership Summit for "Media Mirage: Breaking Through the Confusion." Let Adam's unmatched wisdom pull you from the entanglements, unveiling the secrets of media platforms to amplify your leadership voice. Discover how to wield film, television, and digital media as tools for impact, not instruments of confusion.The clock is ticking, and the media maze is only growing more complex. Will you seize control, or will you remain lost, your voice unheard, your vision unseen?

    Lucia Annunzio
    CEO, Center for High Performance (CfHP)

    Unseen Barriers: Conquering C-Suite Blind Spots Before They Shatter Your Vision

    Is something holding you back, something invisible yet palpable? C-Suite Blind Spots are not mere hindrances; they are hidden traps that can fracture your success, your vision, your legacy. Are you weary of stumbling into the unknown, desperate for clarity and control?Meet Lucia Annunzio, the "CEO Whisperer," a maestro of leadership dynamics with over two decades of experience in guiding C-suite executives to victory. Her best-selling book, "Contagious Success," bears testimony to her innovative approach that has resonated with leaders worldwide. Join her at the Future of Leadership Summit, where her insights will unmask these unseen barriers, transforming potential pitfalls into paths to greatness.But beware, time waits for no one, and the unseen becomes the unchangeable if not addressed. Will you seize control or be controlled by the unseen?

    Susan Lucia Annunzio

    Steve Rader

    Steve Rader
    CEO, Crowd Resources Consulting

    Riding the Surge: Mastering Open Talent Economy Before It Reshapes Your World

    The open talent economy isn't a distant future; it's here, and it's turbulent. It's a technological revolution that's sweeping through the business landscape, reshaping how we understand leadership, collaboration, and innovation. Are you prepared for this seismic shift that challenges core assumptions about how people enter the workforce, how they work together, and how to develop their potential?Meet Steve Rader, the master navigator of this new frontier and the driving force behind NASA's journey into the unknown. As the founder of Crowd Resources Consulting LLC and the catalyst behind NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation (CoECI), Steve is crafting the future, one groundbreaking idea at a time.Join Steve at the Future of Leadership Summit, where he will unveil the secrets of challenge-based innovation that has powered NASA's exploration of the cosmos. Discover how to fuse leadership, innovation, and crowd wisdom into a force that will propel your organization to new heights.But heed the call of the surge; it's approaching fast, and the time to act is now. Will you rise with it, or will you be left in its wake?

    Christie Ko
    Executive Director, Stanford Digital Economy Lab

    The AI Avalanche: What It Means for the Future of Work

    Are you feeling overwhelmed, lost in the relentless surge of AI? Is the fear gnawing at you that if you don't grasp it now, you'll be buried by the competition, your leadership legacy erased? The anxiety isn't just in your mind; it's a living, breathing threat that's accelerating every day.The Stanford Digital Economy Lab is at the epicenter of academic exploration on AI and how it is transforming the economy and society. In this talk, you will hear insights into the profound impact of AI on our collective economic landscape, gain access to the cutting-edge research projects undertaken by the Lab, and explore how AI is reshaping human work, the labor market, and the world's trajectory. In this talk, Christie Ko, Executive Director of the Digital Economy Lab, will share an overview of where we are today with AI, what the Lab has discovered about its impact on work, and help give non-AI experts a practical and human-centered way to think about AI in relation to the workforce.But the avalanche is already here, and time is running out. Will you rise above it or be buried beneath?

    Christie Ko

    Lareina Yee

    Lareina Yee
    Co-Founder, Women in the Workplace

    Breaking Through: Conquering the Hidden Challenges of Women Leaders

    Are you a leader feeling isolated by invisible barriers? Do the unspoken rules of the workplace weigh you down, hindering your ascent to the top? The reality for women leaders today is fraught with obstacles that others can't always see – obstacles that persist despite your qualifications, hard work, and drive.Introducing Lareina Yee, a senior partner at McKinsey & Company and co-founder of Women in the Workplace, who understands these challenges intimately. With years of dedication to advancing gender parity and breaking down corporate barriers, Yee brings an arsenal of actionable insights, hard-hitting data, and practical strategies.In this groundbreaking session, "Breaking Through: Conquering the Hidden Challenges of Women Leaders," you'll delve into the Women in the Workplace report, discovering not only the problems but also the empowering solutions.The corporate landscape may be rugged, but it doesn't have to be your reality. Are you ready to redefine your path, break through the barriers, and emerge as a triumphant leader, or will you let unseen challenges hold you back?

    Wendy K. Smith
    Co-Author, Both/And Thinking

    The Power of And: Thriving in the Midst of Life's Paradoxes

    Are you caught in the relentless tug-of-war between opposing demands, roles, and expectations? The paradoxes you face daily aren't mere challenges; they can drain your energy, destroy your creativity, and erode your confidence. This internal battle isn't about choosing one over the other; it's about embracing both and thriving.Meet Wendy K. Smith, a global authority on strategic paradoxes, acclaimed in the top 1% most-cited in her field, with teaching experiences at Harvard, Wharton, and the University of Delaware. In her session at the Future of Leadership Summit, "The Power of And," Wendy will guide you through the intricate art of balance, helping you reconcile these competing demands without having to compromise.Discover how to harmonize the contradictions that challenge you daily: the pursuit of individuality and teamwork, the quest for work-life balance, the dance between nurturing and assertiveness. Wendy's insights will empower you to turn these paradoxes into fuel for growth, innovation, and transformative leadership.But remember, the contradictions won't wait, and neither can you. Will you seize this opportunity to transform your leadership, or will you continue to be pulled in opposing directions, never finding true equilibrium?

    Wendy K. Smith

    Richard P. Finnegan

    Richard P. Finnegan
    Author, The Power of Stay Interviews

    Ceasing the Financial Leakage: Cutting Turnover by 20% and More

    Are you content with the unending drain on your organization's vitality? Maybe the continual attrition of valuable employees has become an accepted fact, and the erosion of profits doesn't concern you. Or does it?Enter Richard Finnegan, THE global authority in reducing employee turnover. With a track record across various industries, his battle-tested strategies have proven their value. As the acclaimed author of "The Power of Stay Interviews," Finnegan can't wait to show you how to cut your turnover overnight.This isn't about mere improvement; it's about a profound shift, a connection between human resources and financial success, and a 20% or more reduction in turnover.Are you ready to stop the financial leakage that hampers your organization, or do you want to be continually referenced as a leader who just doesn't get the business? The Future of Leadership Summit is your crossroads. One path leads to transformation and financial vitality; the other to frustration and continued financial erosion. Which path will resonate with the leader in you?

    Massella Dukuly
    Head of Workplace Strategy & Innovation, Charter

    Trapped Between Worlds: Navigating the Storm of Hybrid Leadership

    Are you caught in the storm of a world that is neither here nor there, a terrain that shifts with every step, leaving you overwhelmed, stranded, and searching for solid ground? The pain of navigating the hybrid leadership landscape is not only real, it's a looming crisis that threatens to dismantle the very core of your leadership, your team's cohesion, and your organization's future.Enter Massella Dukuly, a beacon in the storm, a renowned workplace strategist who has shaped over 10,000 global leaders and triumphed in the trenches of companies like Peloton, The New York Times, and TED. Her mission at the Future of Leadership Summit? To rescue you from the turbulent seas of hybrid leadership and guide you to mastery.Her session, "Trapped Between Worlds: Navigating the Storm of Hybrid Leadership Before It's Too Late," is a lifeline, an urgent call to action, a chance to seize control of a situation that feels uncontrollable. You'll emerge with the tools to adapt your style, to resonate, inspire, and engage, no matter the environment or challenge that stands in your way.The storm is here, and the time to act is now. Will you seize the helm and navigate to triumph, or will you be swallowed by indecision?

    Massella Dukuly

    R. Edward Freeman

    R. Edward Freeman
    Professor & Director, Institute for Business in Society, Darden School of Business

    Navigating the Ethical Maze: How to Be a Stakeholder Capitalist Before Your Competitors Outpace You

    Is the evolving landscape of business ethics leaving you stranded and unsure? Are you struggling to balance profit with responsibility, and fearful that lagging behind in ethical practices will cost your organization's reputation and market position? The rise of stakeholder capitalism is not just a trend; it's a revolution that's defining the very core of modern leadership.Meet R. Edward Freeman, the Olsson Professor, and Academic Director at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. A global pioneer in stakeholder theory, acclaimed for his seminal works, Edward's insights are not mere theories but proven strategies that have shaped the world of responsible business.This session will focus on how stakeholder capitalism is connected to a business model. Particular outcomes for participants include: (1) Connecting purpose to the systems and processes that make a business model effective; (2) Identifying Key Stakeholders in the business model; (3) Analyzing the jointness and interconnectivity of stakeholder relationships; (4) Creating strategies that create value for multiple stakeholders simultaneously; and, (5) Picking out the right societal ESG issues to work on.But remember, the world is shifting, and so are the rules of leadership. Will you be at the forefront of this ethical revolution, or will you be left grappling with the pieces of a lost opportunity?

    Dr. Kim Faircloth
    CEO, Integrated Conflict Solutions
    Dawn Bedlivy
    Conflict Resolution Trainer

    Conflict Reimagined: Your Key to Sparking Innovation and Team Synergy

    Are you trapped in a relentless cycle of team discord, paralyzed by internal disputes that are tearing at the very fabric of your organization? Does the word 'conflict' send a chill down your spine, echoing the sound of lost opportunities, broken relationships, and a stifling atmosphere where innovation goes to die?But what if conflict could be your ally? What if, instead of a force of destruction, it became a catalyst for creativity and growth? What if you could transform turmoil into triumph?Enter the realms of Dr. Kim Faircloth and Dawn Bedlivy, not merely experts but the guiding stars in the universe of conflict management. With experience that ranges from the war rooms of the Department of Defense to the hearts and minds of thousands of employees, these visionaries have unlocked the secrets of conflict resolution.Envision a world where your leadership becomes synonymous with balance, where every clash is a call to creativity, and where the sparks of conflict ignite the flames of success.Are you ready to cast aside fear and embrace the transformative power of conflict? Join us, and become the leader who turns discord into harmony, uncertainty into direction, and challenges into groundbreaking innovation. Will you seize the opportunity?

    Alison Malmon

    Bryan Hancock

    Bryan Hancock
    Partner, McKinsey & Company

    Unlocking Human Potential: Elevate Your Managers to Mastery with Generative AI

    Do you feel the pressure of untapped leadership within your organization, yearning to break free from the constraints that limit growth and innovation? Are you haunted by the thought of what could be if only the mundane tasks didn't drown your managerial force?Introducing Bryan Hancock, a global luminary at McKinsey & Company, renowned for his transformative approach to talent and leadership. He's here to guide you into a world where Generative AI empowers managers, transcending routine tasks, and igniting their true potential as inspirational coaches, connectors, and innovators.In his session, "Unlocking Human Potential: Elevate Your Managers to Mastery with Generative AI," Bryan will show you that this revolution isn't a distant dream—it's an immediate, actionable reality. A reality that can redefine your bottom line, your organizational health, your legacy as a leader.Are you ready to empower your managers, harnessing the power of Generative AI, or will you be left grappling with what could have been? Your choice today shapes your tomorrow.

    Alison Malmon
    Founder and Executive Director, Active Minds

    Nurturing Employee Well-being: Empowering Mental Health Amidst Job Uncertainty (in the Era of AI and Robotics)

    Demands on today's employees are vast, requiring evolving skills and expertise to meet the ever-changing landscape of their work. Sometimes the biggest challenges are the ones harder to see: job uncertainty in the age of AI, simultaneously balancing the needs of parents, children, and employers, and unease in a post-pandemic world.In this session we'll discuss the emerging data on the mental health of today's workforce, the expectations of the next generation of employee entering the workplace, and specific ways that managers and companies can support their employee's wellbeing through this uncertain time.But time is of the essence. As technology accelerates and societal pressures mount, the wellbeing of your team is a priority that can't be pushed aside. The decisions you make now will shape their resilience, creativity, and loyalty for years to come.Are you prepared to navigate this new frontier of leadership, embracing the challenge of nurturing mental health in the workplace? Or will you let this opportunity slip by, leaving your team to face these struggles alone?

    Alison Malmon

    Dr. Leigh Thompson

    Dr. Leigh Thompson
    J. Jay Gerber Professor of Dispute Resolution & Organizations, Northwestern University

    Negotiating the Sweet Spot: The Art of Leaving Nothing on the Table

    Have you ever walked away from a negotiation feeling a gnawing sense of incompleteness, haunted by the thought that you could have achieved more? In the high stakes world of leadership, every negotiation is a reflection of your acumen, ability, and ambition. A flawed negotiation doesn't just mean lost opportunities; it can ripple through your organization, impacting morale, growth, and your own self-esteem.Dr. Leigh Thompson, a renowned expert at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, welcomes you to the Future of Leadership Summit for an empowering session: "Negotiating the Sweet Spot: The Art of Leaving Nothing on the Table." Unlock the wisdom, strategies, and finesse required to turn negotiations from feared encounters into opportunities for triumph.The time to elevate your negotiation skills is now. The future of your organization, your team, and your career depends on it. Will you rise to the occasion, stepping into a world where negotiation becomes your strength, not your stumbling block? Or will you continue to feel that unsettling void, knowing that something was left on the table?The opportunity is here; the moment is yours. What will you choose?

    Margaret Andrews
    Harvard Instructor and Managing Director of The MYLO Center

    The Power of Emotional Intelligence: Revolutionize Your Leadership Style

    Do you find yourself staring at the ceiling at night, burdened by the realization that something is missing in your leadership journey? Is there a nagging feeling that your connections with your team are superficial, that your professional relationships lack the depth and resonance they should? Are you frustrated, knowing that there's a missing piece, but unable to identify what it is?Margaret Andrews, a revered Harvard instructor, has the key to unlock your potential in her closing keynote: "The Power of Emotional Intelligence: Revolutionize Your Leadership Style." It's not just a talk; it's a lifeline for leaders disturbed by unrealized dreams and ambitions.Margaret will reveal the painful truth about how a deficit in EI can cripple careers, stagnate growth, and erect insurmountable barriers between you and your leadership destiny. But she won't leave you in despair. She'll empower you with tangible strategies to conquer these hidden foes, transforming your leadership from stagnant to sensational.This isn't just a chance to learn; it's a critical intervention. An opportunity to heal wounds that may have festered for years, inhibiting your true greatness.Are you ready to face the pain, embrace the transformation, and become the leader you were always meant to be, or will you let the invisible barriers of emotional intelligence continue to dictate your destiny?The choice is agonizing but clear. The moment is fleeting but essential. The time to act is now. Will you seize it?

    Margaret Andrews

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